The Welcome Package

We will kick off with an initial video call (or if you wanted to stay in your pyjamas a telephone call is fine by me). This will take roughly 15 minutes unless we really hit it off and start talking hobbies and such, though we will assume you are too busy for that which is why you need my support.

We can have you set up in no time, discuss our contract and your initial needs, do some planning and look at our time commitments.

What’s included?

  • Free initial video/phone call/local meeting
  • 5 hours of dedicated support
  • Total cost £100
  • Additional hours charged at £25/hour or package rate
  • This is available as a one time offer per client

The Helping Hand

  • Hours per month: 10
  • Cost: £250
  • Enquire

The Pillar

  • Hours per month: 20
  • Cost: £450
  • Enquire

The Cog

  • Hours per month: 30
  • Cost: £650
  • Enquire

The Linchpin

  • Hours per month: 40
  • Cost: £850
  • Enquire


  • All packages offer a pre-paid amount of hours per month with a two month minimum commitment.
  • Time is tracked and rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • Any meetings between us to discuss progress are included in your package time.
  • All hours must be used within the month they were purchased.
  • Any hours out of package will be charged at £25 per hour.